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101 Help is a Phone, Mobile and Online platforms that provides guidance and referral services for people in distress. We assist you with all matters relating to road accidents, injuries, repairs, insurance and in seeking legal assistance by connecting you with Hospitals, Medical Practitioners, Repair Centers and Lawyers with specialized expertise. We begin with medical and repair referrals, followed by paralegal services, if required, by guiding you with legal preparedness; should you decide to pursue the legal remedies available to you, including insurance and damages, in accordance with the law.

Get the Right Advice.

Cases are won with Documentary Evidences and Not by Oratory skills of lawyers!!

We empower you with Knowledge, Process and Discovery of evidences so as to help you cost effectively!!

Why take chance when experts are there to help you? We specialize in distress handling such as car or truck accidents, bodily injuries, medical negligence and para legal matters. We offer absolutely free assistance during the initial stage to ensure that you are well prepared for the situation and help you to connect with the best lawyers in our network.

Our service can be conveniently availed thru phone calls or messaging via phone or website. We serve you at your convenience! Call or message us today!!

Our website has plenty of materials that could benefit you. Read them and call if you need further assistance!

We do not directly provide or participate in any legal representation in any court of law or forum. We are not a law firm. We do not provide any legal advice or Lawyer referral services.