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Motorcycle Accident

It's great to ride those speed machines but just a moment's of inattention can spell disaster.

Motor cyclists are at much higher risk of serious injury or fatality than the passengers of other types of vehicles due to the meagre protection offered by the Motorcycles. Data reveals that more than half of those serious and fatal motorcycle crashes are due to opposite drivers’ fault. Motorcycles can be hard to see and many times opposite drivers fail to yield to them.

When you are involved in amotorcycle accident without any fault of yours, you have the right to claim third party compensation for lost wages, damage to your vehicle and medical bills. Call us, we will help you with repair, injury and insurance claims

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking motorcycle and car accidents are the same thing.

No matter what kind of vehicle you are driving, getting in a crash is both regrettable and dangerous. Injuries sustained from collisions on the road can put your life on hold as your body recovers and you scramble to pay for the medical expenses caused by the injury.

Many people wrongfully assume that a motorcycle accident is handled the same way as a car accident when it comes to seeking compensation for injuries – as we’ll explain below, this assumption can have huge consequences on receiving just repayment.

Unfair Prejudice to Motorcyclists

It is an unfortunate fact that motorcyclists often get stigmatized because of the reckless behaviour of the few. Many people unfairly consider all motorcyclists to be daredevils based on prior experiences with irresponsible riders. Reckless motorcyclists are the minority, but the stereotype is often applied to safe riders as well.

More Severe Injuries

In general, motorcycle accident injuries are far more severe than collisions in a vehicle. The open and exposed nature of riding is what attracts many people to motorcycles, but it also increases the risk. Oftentimes, serious and permanent injuries can result from a motorcycle accident, so a lawyer who specializes in accounting for these types of damages is important.

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